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Building the Horse of a Lifetime™

Welcome to Running D Ranch, home of Debbie Bibb and her Building The Horse Of A Lifetime training program.

As a nationally-recognized trainer and clinician, Debbie strongly believes in teaching both horse and rider to work together to reach their goals. Debbie's program will teach you how to use the principals of communication, relationship and performance to help you build your own Horse Of A Lifetime.

Whether you sign up for a clinic or training or visit Debbie at one of her demonstrations, you'll be sure to learn something new. Debbie strives to ensure success between horse and rider, while providing a relaxed atmosphere.

Debbie's program works well with both English and Western riders and enjoys working with all levels of riders and their horses. Debbie's special interest is trail riding and she has been featured in AQHA's America's Horse magazine and John Lyons' Perfect Horse magazines sharing her trail riding tips, including crossing obstacles. A frequent presenter at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, she has also been a featured guest in Rick Lamb's Horse Radio Show and Western Horseman magazine and a contributing writer for the Maverick Press.

Debbie is available for clinics and demonstrations nationwide in addition to those at Running D Ranch. Please contact her at Running D Ranch for more information, (719)748-8543.


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